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Geriatrics Toolbox

Geriatrics Toolbox is our blog offering tools, resources, and insights into the care of older adults.


2012 Beers Criteria

So the new Beers criteria have been released. As background, a geriatrician, Mark H. Beers, MD, sought to identify a list of medications back in 1991 that were generally considered inappropriate for use in seniors, primarily due to toxic adverse effects for this population.


New Chest Guidelines, finally!

The long awaited newest Chest Guidelines (some are calling it AT9), are finally out, all 800 pages of it. It’s actually down from the 900+ pages from the last version. So how do you go about getting a handle on it? Read the executive summary. It’s a 40 page document that describes the change in review and recommendation methodology, and it also lists every recommendation in the guideline.

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