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Clinical Care

Clinical care implies direct patient care during a course of disease or symptoms. It can include diagnosis, treatment, education, counseling, and any number of activities that involve a patient. For clinical pharmacists, medication therapy management (MTM) programs and medication review services are the staple of their clinical practice.

Older adults and those with chronic illness often have complex medication regimens that are difficult to understand and integrate into their lives, whether they live alone, with family, or in a long-term care setting. Complex therapies make providing care harder for health care professionals. Harder for patients to follow medical advice and recommendations, ask appropriate questions, and provide relevant information to their providers. Harder when patients are hospitalized or require emergency care. 

The goal of medication reviews and medication therapy management programs is to achieve optimum therapeutic outcomes and reduce the risk of adverse effects for patients. They work best when the are developed cooperatively between physicians and pharmacists, along with other members of the interdisciplinary team, and are coordinated within a care management plan.

Insight Therapeutics was founded by licensed health care professionals who continue to provide clinical care and consulting pharmacy services. We also include practicing health care providers on our team of outside advisers and collaborators. Why is this important? Because it lets us appreciate and experience first-hand the patient perspective, the provider perspective, and the environment in which care is provided. Because deciphering a complex medication list with multiple medications for multiple chronic diseases is an acquired skill that takes practice. Because seeing and understanding current clinical practice today matters to our ability to provide solutions.

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