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doctor-comforting-elderly-womanStaying current on the needs of consumers (our patients!) and health care professionals is critical. Being out of the loop can lead to the development of irrelevant and inaccessible tools and educational products that ultimately fall short for improving patient care. Even worse, the critical health care needs of older adults will not be met. To create products, services, tools, and projects that are effective and truly meet the needs of older patients and their health care professionals, you need personal exposure to both. You need to communicate regularly with actual health care professionals and patients; witness their interactions with each other, with colleagues, with employers, and their community; and be part of the underlying communications and conversations.

That is the real strength of Insight Therapeutics. We are actively engaged in the long term care and geriatrics community, and have been for years. We talk to physicians, nurses, pharmacists, physician assistants, case managers, nursing home administrators, social workers, anyone serving older adults, and most importantly patients and their families, about what is really important to them and what is missing in health care today. And we've had those same kinds of conversations as family members and friends with loved ones in waiting rooms, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and our own homes.

We are part of the conversation on all levels. We serve on the board of directors for long-term care organizations and facilities that provide care to older adults. We serve as review board members for medical journals. We serve on ethical review boards for research studies. We attend health care professional association meetings and educational sessions. We foster lasting relationships with local health care professionals and organizations.

And at the end of the day, we go home to worry about aging parents, make phone calls to parents in hospitals and assisted living homes, try to make sense out of medical bills, care for our families, and, when we have time, wonder what our own aging will bring. Insight, we hope.

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