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Medical Mobile Apps

Mobile-apps-abpkMedical mobile applications (or "apps") are transforming clinical interactions as well as research processes. Medical mobile apps and clinical information apps have been shown to improve both clinical decision-making and patient outcomes by increasing access to point-of-care tools (Ventola CL. P&T 2014). As mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones become more commonplace in health care, research, and academic settings, the demand for high quality mobile app development will grow.

Types of apps for health care providers and patients:

Medical mobile apps Clinical information apps
Disease Management Tools Disease and Health Information
Appointment Scheduling Lab Reference Values
Patient Monitoring Medical Calculators
Data Collection and Retrieval of Health Records Diagnostic Tools (Such as Flowcharts and Clinical Algorithms)
Lab Results Drug Information
Remote Clinical Consulting and Collaboration Risk Calculators

Mobile app development isn't just changing things for providers and patients, but opening entirely new possibilities for the vast health care landscape in terms of quality improvement, continuing education, hiring, record-keeping, billing and reimbursement, marketing, clinical research, transparency, data mining, patient communication, and many more.

We have developed our own successful medical mobile apps and cloud-based, mobile-friendly apps, as well as consulted with clients on their own mobile app development. Our programmers have worked for some of the most innovative information technology companies in the business and use the latest techniques to enhance the user experience with mobile devices. We are excited about the possibilities. 

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