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Scientific Manuscripts

The research phase is over -- the data have been compiled and analyzed, the results teased out, the conclusions drawn. Now it is time to write a publishable scientific manuscript that will pass the muster of the peer-review process. Scientific manuscripts can be a lengthy labor of love, with investigators, staff, reviewers, and sponsors going back and forth trying to best represent the complex and exciting research project they have worked so diligently to complete. But too often, manuscript preparation and submission gets stalled somewhere along the way.

virtual-data-honeycombThe team might have difficulty reaching consensus on the best way to proceed, getting their thoughts on paper, or simply squeezing the time into their busy professional and clinical schedules, now crowded with new research projects and needs.

Insight Therapeutics helps our clients proceed with timely preparation and submission of scientific manuscripts. We can support the entire process, from writing to publication, or advise on the part of the process that is particularly troublesome. Our staff has been involved in medical and academic publishing as editors, reviewers, authors, and consultants, so we understand the process from the point of view of the publisher, as well as the busy researcher.

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