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Health Management Programs

Unsustainable growth in health care costs, care disparities, and varied quality across the care continuum have made health management programs a top priority for health systems and payers. Health management programs are designed to keep a given population as healthy as possible, minimizing expensive and potentially unnecessary interventions while offering providers and patients a systematic approach to treatment and care. Health care management programs often focus on particular high-risk populations that generate a high percentage of health costs.

Activity at the federal level, in particular the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of older-woman-and-doctor2010, has brought cost reduction and quality improvement efforts to the forefront across allĀ health care settings, fostering new approaches to risk-sharing and quality, such as shared-savings and value-based purchasing programs for accountable care organizations (ACOs). The nation's health care reimbursement system is evolving from fee-for-service to a system with increased clinical and financial accountability on the part of health systems and payers. Health care management programs help provide both.

Insight Therapeutics has worked on a variety of health management strategies for high-risk populations in long term care settings or in the community at large. We specialize in developing strategies to manage chronic conditions that can lead to the loss of everyday functional abilities, a decreased quality of life, and potential catastrophic outcomes, particularly for older adults.

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