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Medical Grant Writing

The art of medical grant writing is part technical skill, part persuasion, and knowing how to balance the two. Grant writing involves using clear, specific, and concise language that influences the granting organization to fund your project. Writing with clarity is very likely the most important aspect of medical grant writing, and often the most difficult, but also critical to success is locating the appropriate funding opportunity, planning the grant writing process, and finding and recruiting the best collaborators for the project. This requires time and strong organizational skills.

Very few proposals are funded initially, even with solid grant submissions. There is stiff competition for funding, and many grant submissions are rejected, revised, and resubmitted, perhaps through multiple funding mechanisms, before finally being awarded. This requires persistence, vision, and flexibility. 

Insight Therapeutics has the knowledge, skill, and fortitude to keep the process of grant development and submission moving, even in the face of the competition and initial rejection. "No" is just a starting point.

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