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Scientific Editorial Review

Preparing a document for medical or scientific editorial review is not for the faint of heart. Writing and editing is hard. It takes skill, rigor, persistence, and dedication to take a manuscript from initial draft, through multiple revisions, and into a finished document that can be submitted for scientific or medical editorial review.

When multiple authors or organizations collaborate on the project, the challenge is multiplied. Volunteer writers and reviewers may have a particular passion or subject matter expertise but not necessarily the writing skills or time that the project demands. It requires objectivity, sensitivity, and a degree of tact to incorporate multiple, often contradictory, revisions and comments into a document that is clear, cohesive, and consistent.

We have provided editorial assistance on projects that have stalled, and we have managed projects from start to finish. We are experienced with style guides, technical specs, table and figure design, reference and citation formatting, and preparing an electronic document for design and layout. When it comes to medical writing and editing, we are both skilled and strong of heart.

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