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Medical Content Referencing

hand-with-penHealth-related educational materials often require extensive scientific and medical content referencing, highlighting, and electronic submission, and review from sponsors and publishers. This requirement puts a substantial burden on the authors and organizations who are trying to prepare educational or training materials for patients, staff, or colleagues.

Weeding through vast quantities of medical and scientific information to find the legitimate data that supports your position can be difficult and time-consuming. Furthermore, reading, understanding, and summarizing that information for a specific audience takes specialized knowledge, skill, and experience.

Grading the value and quality of the evidence available is often overlooked, but it is important in the long run. Accurate and persuasive medical content referencing can make the difference between whether a document sees the light of day in timely manner -- or at all.

We are experts in medical content referencing, including sourcing, verifying, and citing references in manuscripts for editorial or regulatory review.

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