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Health Care Symposium and Meeting Management

Professional meetings are great environments to learn about new and changing trends in the health care landscape, listen to visionary experts, hear about new products, and network with colleagues and friends. Sponsoring your own health care symposium or meeting brings the satisfaction of hand-picking the topics and speakers you know will be a home run to your audience -- but also the challenge of finding someone to handle the meeting logistics and all the myriad details that go along with meeting management.

Insight Therapeutics can help ensure your event is a success, whether we provide you with a turnkey health care symposium, including meeting logistics and meeting management, or provide assistance with content development and speaker engagement for just one segment of your meeting. Need some ideas for topics? Here are some ideas to get you started; give us a call and we'll help you brainstorm.

  • Prescribing and Deprescribing at End of Life
  • A Geriatric Toolkit for Primary Care
  • How to Approach Polypharmacy in the Nursing Home
  • Point-Counterpoint Panel on Managing Behavioral Issues
  • What's New in the Diabetes Guidelines?
  • Current Challenges for Heart Failure Management
  • Behind the Glass Door: Who's Who in Long-term Care
  • Transitions of Care: How to Keep Patients from Bouncing Back
  • Vaccination Recommendations for Older Adults and Why it Matters
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