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Physician, Pharmacy, and Nurse Continuing Education

Continuing medical education (CME) has evolved over the last decade. Rightfully so. Programs are scrutinized to ensure physician continuing education leads to positive patient outcomes, not just correct answers on a multiple choice test. Pharmacy continuing education and nursing continuing education haven't escaped scrutiny, as organizations such as ACPE and ANCC maintain rigorous, evidenced-based standards for accreditation.

At the same time, educational delivery methods have evolved. CME courses now range anywhere from didactic slides and lectures to interactive case presentations, online quizzes, simulations, webinars, and mobile technology-based apps. These methods allow for interaction, creativity, and fun in the learning environment while providing high-quality educational content.

Continuing education for those who care for older adults is an ongoing need, given the aging of our society. Finding professionals with experience in geriatrics-focused content can be a tall order. Insight Therapeutics has the knowledge and experience to develop effective continuing education for physicians, pharmacists, nurses, or other professionals requiring CE/CME. We have developed programs with credit designation by AAFP, ANCC, ACPE, and ACCME.

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