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Educational Programs Development

Keeping up with the continuing educational needs of diverse health care professionals and other staff is a full time job, if not several full time jobs! Typically, between meeting management, content development, and tracking and reporting continuing medical education credits, there is more work to do than there are people assigned to do it.

As health care organizations rely less and less on programs provided by the pharmaceutical industry, they are finding it more difficult to locate -- let alone to develop and present -- educational programming focused on the health care needs of the elderly, especially in areas such as disease management, geriatric pharmacotherapy, medication safety, and transitions of care. Insight Therapeutics has a history of developing and presenting quality continuing educational programming on these and related topics.

Our forte is our popular "tool box" approach. Attendees leave with more than just information. They leave with a robust set of tools they can put to use right away. Tools they need to follow through on their commitments to themselves, their profession, and their patients.



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