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Health Care Market Research and Medical Referencing

Vast amounts of health care data are available today, housed in online databases Topic-research-synthesis-referencing(commercial, nonprofit, academic, and government); federal, state, and international regulations; print and online journals and books; documents and manuals for health care facilities and insurance companies; patient advocacy and education publications; and dozens of other sources.

The sheer volume of data makes medical writing and health care market research a challenge. Researching, sourcing, and writing about health care topics specific to older adults is especially difficult. Terms and definitions (such as nursing facility, long-term care, or community care) are used differently by different sources, the environment in which health care is delivered is in flux, data sources quickly become outdated, and the most reliable data sources are sometimes lesser known. 

Somewhere in that mass of data is information our clients need, along with a lot of outdated and unsubstantiated information they don't. We track down and evaluate the relevant data, references, and sources then synthesize that information into useful, accessible, and properly referenced written documents and presentations.

Medical writing and health care market research on pharmaceutical, disease management, and long-term care issues of older adults have been a core competency for Insight Therapeutics since our beginning. We are experienced and credentialed medical communicators who thrive on data-driven research and scientific publications that set the stage for delivery of health care services for older adults across the spectrum of providers and environments.

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