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Practice Resources Development

At times, specialized tools and documents are needed for particular purposes--practice resource development materials, medical reference guides, training and data collection materials for research, software and databases for quality improvement, custom spreadsheets, tool kits, letters, medical pocket cards, drug monographs, case studies, videos, evaluation plans, and any number of other tools.

In health care as in elsewhere, poorly designed tools create more problems than they solve. Designing a tool that ultimately does what is intended requires data that is relevant, accurate, and up to date; input from stakeholders, subject matter experts, and tool users; and insight into the problem to be solved.

Insight Therapeutics uses a systematic process for gathering evidence, soliciting input, designing the format, and testing the tool in the health care or medical setting in which it will be used. Our goal is to create a user-friendly tool that accomplishes its goal, and to avoid costly implementation of a tool that doesn't work, won't be used, or causes more work than it saves. 

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