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Medical Pocket Guides

Medical pocket guides are small reference books that typically fit in a coat pocket. They generally are brief and cover a specific area, such as a specialty (e.g., geriatrics, internal medicine, endocrinology, emergency medicine), a disease or condition (e.g., diabetes, hypertension, dementia, heart failure), or a component of practice (e.g., medications, tests, laboratory values, assessment, diagnostic criteria).

The problem with off-the-shelf medical pocket guides is that they can be too general. We develop medical pocket guides, such as our dementia guide, that can be customized to the specific information needs of our clients.

Different audiences, such as academics, practitioners, long term care administrators, or pharmaceutical representatives, might require different kinds of information on the same topic. Depending on the clients' existing resources, they might need pocket guides that go into less depth in one area and more in another.

Insight Therapeutics can tailor the information and the presentation to our specific client needs, whether it is a typical printed format designed for a coat pocket or a mobile application for a tablet or smart phone.

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