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Case Studies

We work with hundreds of small and large organizations across the U.S. Our multidisciplinary approach has helped us create far-reaching relationships in the long term care sphere. Here is a selection of situations presented to us by clients and how we addressed their needs.

Client Case Study 1: Turn-Key Nursing Home Study

Insight Therapeutics managed a large comparative-effectiveness trial in hundreds of nursing homes simultaneously on behalf of a team of academic and industry investigators. We assisted with concept development, site identification, training material development, custom web-based data entry portal with validity checks and data security, site monitoring, and training materials roll-out. We managed hundreds of nursing home study sites over a period of 18 months, achieving 95% site retention. Insight has also guided the development and data analysis for the first public presentation of data from the trial presented in the fall of 2015.

Key Services: Clinical research, Site management, Data collection, Data analysis, Long term care

Client Case Study 2: Data Safety Monitoring Board for Nursing Home Clinical Trial

A large international pharmaceutical company was required to establish an external data safety monitoring board (DSMB) for a drug trial in a vulnerable, institutionalized elderly population. They approached us based on our research expertise and knowledge of the long term setting. We identified experts to serve on the DSMB, held regular meetings, managed data and verification of interim statistical analyses for expert evaluation, and prepared summary reports for the sponsor to meet FDA requirement over the 2 study years.

Key Services: Clinical trial data safety monitoring board, Meeting management, Statistical analysis; FDA requirements

Client Case Study 3: Polypharmacy Metrics and a Communication Strategy

We were approached by an international contract research organization to evaluate polypharmacy in the retiree population of a U.S. company. We advanced the client's polypharmacy-associated metrics schematic and a communication strategy with health care providers about possible solutions to identified medication-related problems. The client returned to us for a continuation of the same program over the following 2 years to conduct additional programs with other companies.

Key Services: Contract research, Polypharmacy, Metric development, Communication strategy, Clinical case reviews

Client Case Study 4: Professional Association Member Materials

A national association approached us for help in creating and producing of a series of health condition primers designed to educate its members about specific diseases and the outcomes associated with appropriate treatment and monitoring. To date, we have created 2 new disease condition modules and updated 4 outdated modules; additional modules and updates are in the works. We collaborate with the association's leaders and authors to develop an outline and timeline for the completion of a draft manuscript, which is reviewed by peers within the association as well as outside medical experts. Our team assists the authors with editing the document, adjudicating comments, incorporating needed revisions, and preparing it for further review. Once the final manuscript is approved, we perform a final copyedit to ensure a consistent voice, verify citations and references, secure permissions, and manage the design and layout that results in a final, publishable document.

Key Services: Project management, Substantive editing, Copy editing, Reviewer comment adjudication, Referencing

Client Case Study 5: Secondary Data Set

Insight Therapeutics was approached by a colleague about analysis of a large secondary health care data set. Although the data set was available in the public domain, the analysis required knowledge of statistics and data management, including joining different data sets with data dictionaries, etc. We assisted with developing a unique data set to address hypotheses regarding hypertension management, treatment, and outcomes in the long term care setting. (

Key Services: Statistical analysis, Data management, Dataset development, Hypothesis testing

CLIENT CASE STUDY 6: LTC Market opportunity

Insight Therapeutics was approached by a small pharmaceutical company about opportunities in long-term care related to their new product. Through our unique knowledge of clinical issues, reimbursement, and operations, we were able to highlight the opportunities and threats to their product in the market segment, describe the potential pool of residents with the target condition, outline decision makers, and review payor related challenges.

Key Services: Clinical knowledge, Market segment insight, Communication strategy, Pharmacy operations, Long-term care

Insight Therapeutics helps clients map their research or project goals to the real-time world of geriatric health care, interpret and understand data in terms of that ever-shifting landscape, and communicate findings and information to the most appropriate audiences.

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