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Our History

Insight Therapeutics, LLC, established in 1996, is a clinical research, professional medical education, patient care, and health communications organization. Throughout our history, we have focused on collaborating with clients who provide health care products or services for older adults.

Our Philosophy

We strive to provide research and information services of unmatched value in the industry. Our clients gain insight from our knowledge and experience of the long-term care industry, the health care needs of older adults, and the professionals who serve them. We seek clients committed to providing products and services of the highest quality and value, which, in turn, guide rational decision-making around individual patient care situations, patient outcomes, and health care delivery for older adults.

We make a professional and personal commitment on each project to assist our clients in achieving their goals in the marketplace, whether through research, education, or medical communications. Innovators ourselves, we evolve with the marketplace to help our clients turn their innovative ideas into valuable resources for older adults and those who care for them. Most of all, we are people with families, parents, grandparents, and older relatives of our own, who keep us ever mindful of the importance of what we do.


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